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 Te Kittez of SC

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PostSubject: Te Kittez of SC   Te Kittez of SC I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 2:26 pm

Leader:Nightstar(tail) White she-cat with a black tail. Amber eyes.

Deputy: Greyfoot Rowan tom with grey paws. Green eyes

Medicine Cat: Blueheart grey-blue she-cat with a splotch of white on her chest. green eyes

Warriors: Willowfur brown colored she-cat with green eyes
Mousetail black tom with a light grey tail and brown eyes
Amberears white she-cat with red ears
Maplefur pretty dappled she-cat with dark blue eyes
Blackleaf black tom with a white splash in his chest and dim amber eyes

Apprentices: Whitepaw white tom with dark green eyes
Songpaw grey she-cat with black eyes
Lilacpaw white she-cat with black ears and lilac eyes
Clawpaw brown tom with black tabby stripes and long claws that glint like his icey blue eyes
Flintshard (MCA) Grey tom with brown flecks.

Queens: Silvershade Silver cat with darkgray tabby marks. blue eyes(Kits: Sparkkit sandy she-cat with green eyes, Redkit rowan tom with pale rowan tabby marks and pale amber eyes)
Dusksoul black she-cat with a white splash on her chest. (Kits: Splashkit fluffy grey kit with a stripe of cream down her back and blue eyes, Adderkit tan tabby tom with pale green eyes, Lionkit fluffy yellow tom)

Elders: Hawkslash brown tabby with scars on his eyes
Sandsplotch sandy she-cat with darker marks on her belly
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Te Kittez of SC
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