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 Riverclan Cat Ideas

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PostSubject: Riverclan Cat Ideas   Riverclan Cat Ideas I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2012 6:39 pm


Leader: Silverstar - She-Cat - Silver tabby with darker flecks with Ice blue eyes

Deputy: Fernclaw - Tom - White cat with Brown, Red, and Black flecks with Green Eyes

Medicine Cat: Littlestep - Tom - Small white cat with black-tipped tail and Blue Eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Poppypaw - She-cat - Small brown apprentice with Amber Eyes

Warriors: Jayheart - Tom - Sleek grey cat with amber eyes - Mate: Cloudstep - Emberheart - She-cat - A blue eyed cat with a flame-orange pelt - Longpelt - Tom - Black-grey cat with white paws and amber eyes - Stonestep - She-cat - Gorgeous grey-pelted cat with blue eyes. - Echofern - She-cat - Silver cat with an 'echoed' grey pattern on fur and blue eyes. - Nightfang - Tom - Small black tom with green eyes - Mate: Oakfur - Featherheart - She-cat - Grey-brown dappled tabby with small green eyes and white muzzle.

Apprentices: Singepaw- Tom - Rowan tabby with green eyes and a black muzzle - Mentor: Jayheart - Dapplepaw - She-cat - Gorgeous grey tabby with a speckled tail and blue eyes - Mentor: Fernclaw - Minkpaw - Tom - Silver tom with black flecks and bright white paws - Mentor: Silverstar

Elders: Dawntail - She-Cat - Tall white cat with green eyes, retired early due to loss of hearing. - Tallstep - Tom - Tall grey tom with white muzzle and blue eyes

Queens: Cloudstep - She-cat - Small white queen with blue eyes - Oakfur - She-Cat - Brown cat with darker flecks and amber eyes

Kits: Sweetkit - She-cat - Tuxedo cat with green eyes - Mother: Cloudstep - Leafkit - Tom - Grey cat with white muzzle and paws - Mother: Cloudstep - Flamekit - Tom - Fire-color pelted cat with bright amber eyes. - Mother: Cloudstep.

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Riverclan Cat Ideas
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