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 Windclan cats

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PostSubject: Windclan cats   Windclan cats I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 17, 2012 9:21 am

Whitestar= Light cream she-cat with green eyes with white muzzle, fluffy furred and bob-tail
Cherrystrike= Brown and white she-cat with amber eyes, thin furred long tail.
Greyfur= Grey tom blue eyes thin furred battle scarred with long tail.
Rabbittail= Tortishel she-cat Green eyes medium furred rabbit-like tail.
Mouseheart= Tabby tail siamese she-cat Amber eyes, short furred, long medium furred tail,
Violetstrike= Black she-cat with Blue and Green eyes long-fur.
Spottedpelt= Calico Tom hazel eyes medium furred.
Wildshadow= Black cat with white paws amber eyes short furred Tom.
Hawkheart= Ginger tom with two green eyes, short furred.
Tigershadow= Light grey she-cat with light tabby markings

Grasspaw= brown-cream colored tom with a green and amber eyes short fur Long tail
Rainpaw= Grey-blue she-cat with amber eyes longfur short tail
Harepaw= White she-cat with blue eyes short fur long tail
Tornpaw= grey tom with brown eyes medium fur long tail
Shortpaw= white she-cat with green eyes short-fur long tail.
Twolegpaw= Rainbow tom with bright bright blue eyes and extremly fluffy with a pushed in face suuuuuuper long tail JK JK
Cloudstep= Light grey she-cat with bright amber eyes medium furred long tail.
Longfur= Light cream she-cat with dark amber and Brown eyes, long long fur and a really long tail.
Halfstep= Brown tom Bright blue eyes medium furred no tail.
Lostear= Grey she-cat hazel eyes has missing ears long tail short furred. Done I think
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Windclan cats
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